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What is GO-Global?

GO-Global is the fast and secure cloud application delivery solution that provides instant access to Windows, UNIX and Linux applications from any location, platform, and OS. There's no need to rewrite applications for the Web or deploy complex, expensive infrastructure. GO-Global for Windows delivers Windows applications to the Web or your network without the need for Citrix or Microsoft RDS. GO-Global UNIX delivers UNIX and Linux applications without the need for local X server software. And GO-Global Cloud provides a secure, high-availability gateway to GO-Global hosts supporting Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications.

Why GO-Global?

In the era of Information Technology, we are more rely on the technology and to save time, GO-Global is the best choice to access your applications anywhere. Everyone around the world can access Windows, UNIX and Linux applications from any location, platform and OS through Go-Global. It is very easy and convenience, give it a try now today!

Access your Windows applications from anywhere

GO-Global Windows Host provides local, remote and mobile users with instant access to Windows applications from anywhere. It eliminates the time and expense normally needed to rewrite existing Windows applications for the Web. And it's much easier to deploy and use than complex alternatives such as Citrix XenApp or limited solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Instantly publish your Linux/UNIX Application

GO-Global for UNIX delivers UNIX and Linux applications to local or remote devices without the need for cumbersome, client-side X servers. Thanks to our advanced architecture, your application's interface is instantly delivered across the network and displayed on the remote devices — with unmatched speed, performance and security.

Interact with Windows/Linux/UNIX applications on mobile devices

GO-Global is now available on various popular mobile devices using our GO-Global Mobile Clients.


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